Art came naturally to me from a very young age and tattooing piqued my interest because of the living aspect of it. I was always drawn to living mediums such as aquariums and outdoor water gardens. I loved the collaborative aspect and would use my artistic skills to set things into motion and then just let nature run its course to create something beautiful. While attending The Hartford Art School for my Bachelors in Illustration, I began my apprenticeship with Stretch (currently of Nautilus Tattoo). I began to draw the parallels between my existing passions and tattooing. I am collaborating with an individual to birth a new version of themselves bathed in art.

               I have been working in the tattoo industry since 2003 and to this day it still excites me to begin a new project with a new client! I am constantly evolving and learning new techniques to bring forward clean, professional and long lasting tattoos for my clients. Yes, there is some pain involved in the process and the experience is different for everyone but no matter what the experience is for my client, they leave my chair feeling fulfilled. When my client is in the chair I want them to be as comfortable as possible and feel welcome to join me for some expansive conversation. I love to talk about anything and everything.

               When tattooing, I particularly enjoy free handing and surrendering to the flow of the craft. Tattooing is a spiritual creation for me and since my Reiki attunement the energetic impact on my work has been substantial, which several of my clients have affirmed. Tattooing and energy therapy is a space where I find I can channel the client and myself into a beautiful artistic statement that the client will cherish for the rest of their life. I have cultivated a body of work centered on painterly visuals and nature/outer space themed designs.

               I feel honored to be given the opportunity to do this for my clients and am humbled at the level of faith and trust they give me. Thank you to all my past and existing clients and as for you? I look forward to hearing from you and more so to working with you.